Christmas 2008

And the joint party 

Christmas with the family, both local & Wales


Zach with Grandad checking out his new disco light

Oh yea and the stuffed dog with flappy ears

Sarah reading Zach and Steve a story. Steve looks very interested but Zach has had enough

Forget this story stuff Mum, I want to try on Grandads shoes

Up to Wales for Christmas no 2

Everyone looking sober, well some of us anyway!!!

Jez wondering if he can try and coat the camera in the fountain. Jue & Lesley wondering if they can coat anything in chocolate


The standard Karaoke session on Christmas morning.

Followed by some Wii ing.

Too much for some but at least the dogs ears are having a break now

The girls all trying to stop Graham from snoring too loudly

Pictures of Julie, just cos she's lovely

The 40th / 50th birthday do

The decorations go up

A huge thanks to Lesley who spent 2 days getting the food ready and the shop beginning with A for doing the cake

Me showing Mum how the new DJ software works. Lesley & Phil watching the dancing baby

Some of the guests


 Julie still looking lovely. Me looking like a diet is in order


See you all soon


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