Do's & Dont's

It is legal for you to walk on Common or Access land but do remember that parts of the moor are privately owned. 

The Forces have firing ranges on the moor. It is important for you to know where these areas are and avoid them.

This is not a Letterbox, should you find one please call the Police

You can find out the Times of Firing by calling 01752 501478

Please treat the moor with care, stick to pathways where possible and observe the Country code at all times. The moor is there for us all to enjoy. Please leave it as you found it and always take your rubbish home.


You will never find a letterbox on Private land, in a conservation area, the home of wildlife (A badger set ), any ruins or other archaeological site.


Make sure your dog is kept on its lead, even if it belongs to the 100 club. Dogs can, and do, frighten wildlife and farm animals.


The speed limit across the moor is 40 mph. Please stick to this. It could be you walking on the roadside.


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