Paul, Julie & Lacey

go on holiday

For our summer holiday this year we decide to all go on holiday together

Lacey enjoying the high life in Dartmouth marina (How posh is that) and the skipper on the prom


Julie worrying about her hair but whilst she was on the prom she found a top secret tap for boat owners


Picturesque Dartmouth

The following morning we left our berth and went up river for a day trip before turning about and heading past the castles out to sea

Julie having a go at the wheel on our way to sunny (remember the summer) Brixham

All very posh don't you know.

Our standard routine. Julie cooks & I wash up. Team work

After a night in Brixham we went across the bay for a night in Torquay marina.

In Torquay we had some very posh neighbours. All in all a great few days away

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