Summer BBQ 2009

We hope you all had a great time. This year we happened to have

a resident web site developer. This means, as well as the normal static

pics we should have a rolling slide show (if I can work out how to sort

it out)

Julie, Pat, Thomas & I look forward to seeing you all for Halloween

Same old garden, brand new gazebo.

Both Mark & Nick travelled great distances just to help put the lighting rig up (Bless) then its over to the engineer for a sound check

Dave & Shani arrive just in time to give me an excuse to stop for a beer, cheers Dave. Nick & Karen just looking pretty. (Well one of them)

Andy & Rhian, Buster and Jan, and Tim and Jan all wondering how being a TTG aids a game of Jenga


Your hosts for the day were Julie, me, Pat & Thomas

The Tech Guys training dept, Dawn, Me, Nick & Pete

The locals dancing to Music Man being sung by Mark (you wont get me on that bloody machine) and I

Always great to see the family but I fear Fay may have been put off by father in law to be on the karaoke

Dawn checking the progress of the chicken and Keith & Lisa who bought along John, a student from Germany. I guess its one way of showing him a slice of British culture.

 Justin doing his work out being cheered on by Jane.             The girls doing the 'Macarena'

And finally, Pete murders Abba

Now, as promised, click here for the slide show of other images.  Cheers Mark.


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