Camping with the Dobners 2008

The Dymott's and the Dobner's invade Wales

Well we arrived safe and well, put the tent up then Julie hit the wine (Makes a change)

Thomas & Pat decided they could not keep up with the drinking (Especially Pat)

The group photos with all of us

Me searching for Thomas who had oddly vanished from the last photo.  Ah, Thomas looking ecstatic that I found him.

Julie has decided she wants to work for our friend Nick as chief tile splitter.


Pat pretending to be a fairy tale character. Rapunzel or Rumpelstiltskin. Answers on a postcard please!!!

Default Welsh holiday snap

Paul, Thomas & Julie scale Snowdon. Pat's poorly back stopped her doing the full climb but she did get half way later on.

Paul, Julie & Pat all thinking that waving our arms out the side would make the Llandudno cable car go faster

Relaxing on the way down. No waving this time.


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