Our  Honeymoon

Djerba  2012


A life of luxury, Julie enjoying the executive departure lounge and me with Champagne on the plane

All inclusive, you know it makes sense.


A map of the complex built on three main sites. Main bit, aqua park bit and beach bit

We spent quite some time at the aqua park but other guests said Julie was splashing about too much.                                 Exhibit A your honour

The banana boat was part of the all inclusive, the camels weren't so they got the hump

Following on from the stag do we went on a pirate boat day out, Julie did some net fishing and I mucked about a bit.

Julie then had a go at traditional Tunisian dancing, decided it was not for her and decided to sit down and look pretty instead.

Dave the photographer took some great photos for us.    After the shoot its time to chill at the pool bar.

A great place to visit. It gets the Dymott seal of approval.


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